Weekly Report 2013-09-30

Completed Work

  1. Formatted elections app, input all data
  2. Installed python-openid library for use in CentralAuth system
  3. Read OpenID standard
  4. Began coding OpenID response server (this will make aclweb.org an OpenID provider when complete)

Agenda for Coming Week

  1. Continue work on OpenID response server
  2. Continue work on Portal upgrade
  3. Continue work on style changes for new site
  1. Feature upcoming conferences through interactive Google map
  2. Include meta tage/SEO keywords to ensure site shows up in appropriate searches
  1. Create sitemap.xml
  2. Upgrade newsite to latest minor version of Drupal (there was a release)
  3. Write documentation for making changes to CentralAuth site for future webmaster

Long-Term/Ongoing Tasks

  1. Upgrade Portal to Drupal 7