New Policies for Submission, Review and Citation

The ACL Executive Committee has adopted new policies for submission to *ACL conferences and the TACL journal. The policies specify under what conditions papers available as preprints can be submitted for double-blind review, and also clarify the status of preprints with respect to citation and review. The new policies have been developed by a working group appointed by the Executive Committee, taking into account the results of our membership survey and discussions at the ACL business meeting in Vancouver.

Survey Report on Preprint Publishing and Reviewing

The ACL Executive Committee has recently completed a survey on preprint publishing and reviewing in order to gather more information about common practices among our members and seek opinions on future policy. We are happy to announce that a report containing results and analysis from the survey is now available. [Please click here to download the report].

ACL Expresses Concern about New Executive Order Concerning Immigration

The Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), a global scientific and educational organization representing the natural language processing community, expresses strong disagreement with U.S. Presidential Executive Order 13769, which imposes a 90-day suspension of visas to nationals of seven countries and additional examination of current green card and visa holders from those countries.

ACL 2015 Election Results: Congratulations to Marti A. Hearst, Jing-Shin Chang and Shiqi Zhao!

I am happy to announce the results of the elections for members of the ACL executive committee:

Marti A. Hearst (UC Berkeley, USA) has been elected as VP-Elect of ACL.

Jing-Shin Chang (National Chi Nan University, Taiwan) will be the new Information Officer and Shiqi Zhao (Baidu, China) will be the new Secretary.

Call for Bids: 15th Meeting of the European Chapter of the ACL

The European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL) invites proposals to host the 2017 EACL conference, to be held in Europe, the Middle East or Africa (EMEA) in Spring (preferably April) 2017. From 2014 EACL takes place every 3 years. The 2017 conference will be the 15th meeting of the EACL.

We seek draft proposals from prospective bidders. Based on an evaluation of the draft proposals received, promising bidders will be asked to provide additional information for the final selection.