ACL Diversity Statistics

As part of its efforts to promote diversity and inclusiveness, ACL has decided to publish diversity statistics, showing the distribution of gender and geographical origin among ACL Members and ACL Fellows. The goal is to publish statistics annually, so that the development can be tracked over time. (Unfortunately, for 2017, full membership statistics was not available and is therefore approximated with statistics for attendees at ACL 2017 in Vancouver, which probably introduces a geographical bias.)

ACL Diversity Statistics 2017

ACL Attendees*

Male 1235 (70%)
Female 429 (24%)
Other/Decline to state/Unknown 103 (6%)

North, Central and South America 969 (55%)
Europe, Middle East and Africa 339 (19%)
Asia-Pacific 413 (23%)
Unknown 46 (3%)

* Will be replaced by statistics on all ACL members from 2018.

ACL Fellows

Male 32 (70%)
Female 14 (30%)

North, Central and South America 34 (74%)
Europe, Middle East and Africa 6 (13%)
Asia-Pacific 6 (13%)