Weekly Report 2013-08-11

Completed Work

  1. Created additional documentation: on ssh-agent, using ssh keys and clearing ssh sessions as a possible remedy for failure to load fcgi changes
  2. Pursuant to central authentication for all ACL-related websites
  1. Read through sourcecode of Drupal user authentication
  1. Unfortunately didn't have time to hook this up this week, but I now know how to write a module that will log a user in from a session. So, the Drupal part of this will definitely be taken care of this week
  2. Probably also the MediaWiki part - because there is a MediaWiki extension available that logs users in when they are already logged in to a given Drupal site. Assuming this module works without complication, it should be easy to set up. No guarantees, however, as the MediaWiki extension is not well maintained.

2.Progress can be monitored at (http://aclweb.org/centralauth/)

  1. Some progress on rewriting Portal modules for Drupal 7. Nothing ready to show.
  2. Moved newsite repo from my personal Bitbucket site to the one I set up for the ACL

Agenda for Coming Week

  1. (Hopefully) Finish central auth system - including Drupal and MediaWiki integration
  2. Continue work on Portal upgrade
  3. Continue work on style changes for new site
  1. Feature upcoming conferences through interactive Google map
  2. Include meta tage/SEO keywords to ensure site shows up in appropriate searches
  1. Create sitemap.xml
  2. Upgrade newsite to latest minor version of Drupal (there was a release)

Long-Term/Ongoing Tasks

  1. Upgrade Portal to Drupal 7