Weekly Report 2013-08-04

Completed Work

  1. Created additional documentation: more on pythonbrew, upgrading MediaWiki and running Drupal cron jobs
  2. Drupal cron was failing on the Portal for reasons that remain mysterious. Investigated the problem and eventually solved it by clearing out the accesslog database table, which had become overfull. This was noticed because the same problem was preventing site backups from running. As mentioned in the previous point, there is now documentation explaining how to recover from this.
  3. Pursuant to central authentication for all ACL-related websites
  1. Started work on a web application to handle incoming requests
  1. The applicaiton is written in Flask-Python
  2. Not yet functional, but progress can be monitored at (http://aclweb.org/centralauth/)
  1. Upgraded the AdminWiki to the latest version of MediaWiki
  2. Added pdf export functionality to AdminWiki

Agenda for Coming Week

  1. Finish central auth system
  2. Make as much progress as possible on integration with Drupal and MediaWiki
  3. Continue work on Portal upgrade
  4. Continue work on style changes for new site
  1. Feature upcoming conferences through interactive Google map
  2. Include meta tage/SEO keywords to ensure site shows up in appropriate searches
  1. Create sitemap.xml

Long-Term/Ongoing Tasks

  1. Upgrade Portal to Drupal 7