Weekly Report 2013-07-21

Completed Work

  1. Created additional documentation: for using installing PEAR extensions for PHP
  2. Did further research on OpenID support, including reading the OpenID standard, reading through the official PHP OpenID library source code, and reading a bit through the MediaWiki and Drupal 7 OpenID modules source code.
    1. This is pursuant to what I understand from an email received this week to be an intention to set up aclweb.org as an OpenID provider
    2. To that end, I've set up a database for pairing ACL usernames with OpenID endpoints

Agenda for Coming Week

  1. Set up OpenID endpoint for aclweb.org and integrate with the various wikis and, time permitting, the new Drupal site.
  2. Continue work on upgrade of Portal to Drupal 7
  3. Continue work on newly-suggested style changes for new site. These include (in order of suggested priority):
    1. Feature upcoming conference "graphically" (needs clarification) on the front page and organize conferences by "importance."
    2. Meta tags/SEO keyword inclusion to ensure the site shows up in appropriate searches
  4. Create sitemap.xml file

Long-term/Ongoing Tasks

  1. Upgrade Portal to Drupal 7 - which mainly involves rewrites of custom modules