Weekly Report 2013-07-14

Completed Work

  1. Created additional documentation: for using Python virtual environments, adding new Python versions, and using Mercurial. The new main site is now under Mercurial version control.
  2. Created many, many user ids for the adminwiki, presumably because the deadline was this week. Academics are not good at meeting deadlines!
  3. Installed Mercurial, put main site under version conrol
  4. Did further research on OAuth and OpenID support. Here are the pros and cons of all Drupal 7 modules encountered so far:
    1. Janrain Engage: out-of-the-box click support. Unfortunately, this is a freemium service, and we're limited to 2500 users on the free version.
    2. OAuth Connector: only Twitter and LinkedIn at present. Also, doesn't seem very well maintained.
    3. Loginza: The most promising of the three. Documentation is non-existent, though.
    4. Drupal 7 also includes native OpenID support out of the box. However, when I enabled this module on newsite.acleweb.org and tried to add my Google OpenID login, it simply didn't work. That may be Google's fault - they're not such ardent supporters of OpenID, though they do (claim to) provide it. Will try again with other gateways.

    Also found a MediaWiki extension to include OpenId for the various wikis. Unfortunately, it requires the gmp PHP extension, which we don't have on 1and1 (all the other required extensions were available). We may need to file a support request to get it - or else evaluate the code directly to see whether we can work around it.

Agenda for Coming Week

  1. Continue work on upgrade of Portal to Drupal 7
  2. Continue work on newly-suggested style changes for new site. These include (in order of suggested priority):
    1. Feature upcoming conference "graphically" (needs clarification) on the front page and organize conferences by "importance."
    2. Meta tags/SEO keyword inclusion to ensure the site shows up in appropriate searches
  3. Create sitemap.xml file

Long-term/Ongoing Tasks

  1. Upgrade Portal to Drupal 7 - which mainly involves rewrites of custom modules