Weekly Report 2013-06-30

Completed Work

  1. Finished documentation of changes made to date
  2. Added remaining pages in policy folder to adminwiki
  3. Created several accounts on Adminwiki for filing SIG reports
  4. Looked into OAuth for new drupal site
    1. OAuth looks to be more for API integration - not sure we need this
    2. OpenID is available by default in Drupal 7, so I can simply enable this
    3. There is a module for Facebook login integration. It probably requires that we set up an ACL Facebook presence. Not sure if we want this.

Agenda for Coming Week

  1. Evaluate Facebook integration module
  2. Evaluate project management module for management of webmaster tasks (it is currently in beta, so there may be bugs)
  3. Begin upgrade of Portal to Drupal 7
  4. Replace Drupal search with Google search on new site - take care that it accesses entire site
  5. Begin work on newly-suggested style changes for new site. These include (in order of suggested priority):
    1. Organize Front-page links as suggested by Kenneth Church.
      1. Journals:
        1. CL
        2. TACL
        3. Everything Else
      2. Conferences:
        1. ACL
        2. EMNLP
        3. NAACL, EACL, IJCNLP
        4. CoNNL
        5. other SIGs
        6. related Conferences: COLING, LREC, other NLP-related conferences
      3. Anthology:
        1. ANN
        2. Anthology
    2. Feature upcoming conference "graphically" (needs clarification) on the front page
      1. Suggest that this needs a Drupal module to manage conferences by dates and display the one(s?) that are coming soon. This can probably be done with the already-installed Views module. Will investigate whether this is the case and look for an alternative if not.
      2. Kenneth Church suggests that conferences should be organized by "importance" internally (suggests that this might have to do with nubmer of citations, etc.). This could probably use some clarification, but for now I'll look into a way of associating "number of citations" with conferences so that they can be so ordered. Ideally there would be some semi-automatic way to do this, but if worse comes to worst we can just add a field to a conference content type for "number of citations" that can be manually updated.
    3. Add a "What is CL?" page and link to front page
    4. Meta tags/SEO keyword inclusion to ensure the site shows up in appropriate searches

Long-term Tasks

  1. Create sitemap.xml file
  2. Upgrade Portal to Drupal 7 - which mainly involves rewrites of custom modules