Weekly Report 2013-06-16

Completed Work

  1. Reviewed policies folder:
    1. created redirect links to place in .htaccess file
    2. made list of candidates for entry into adminwiki
  2. Created drupal content types for documentation and weekly reports
    1. set permissions to ensure these are only available to administrator accounts
    2. installed Content Access module to enable per-content-type permissions
  3. Made minor style changes to new site:
    1. Removed Navigation header on navigation menu
    2. Remove site subtitle
  4. Created several accounts on Adminwiki for filing SIG reports

Agenda for Coming Week

  1. Add remaining pages in policy folder to adminwiki
  2. Finish restyling of new site
  3. Finish documentation of changes made to date
  4. Evaluate project management module for management of webmaster tasks (it is currently in beta, so there may be bugs)
  5. Look into OAuth for new drupal site

Long-term Tasks

  1. Create sitemap.xml file
  2. Upgrade Portal to Drupal 7 - which mainly involves rewrites of custom modules