Database Management and Backup

Databases on 1and1 are handled by a separate provider on a separate server. To create and manage databases, log in to the 1and1 control panel and use the GUI.

Creation and Access

  1. Log in to 1and1 via
  2. Click on MySQL Administration. This will take you to the management page.
  3. Once a database is installed, it can be accessed through the commandline via commands of the following template:

    mysql -h {database} -u {database user} -p{password} {database}

    For example:

    mysql -h -u dbo465999193 -p{password} db465999193

Backup and Restoration

MySQL databases can be dumped to an output file using the mysqldump command on the commandline. They can also be restored by inputing the dump file to the mysql command.

  1. Make a backup (this example backs up the aclwiki to a file called backup-acl_aclwiki.db.sql):
    1. mysqldump --add-drop-table --extended-insert --lock-tables -udbo465995666 -p{password} --quick db465995666 > backup-acl_aclwiki_db.sql
  2. Restoring the database from the backup is then a simple matter of:
    1. mysql -udbo465995666 -p{password} --quick db465995666 < backup-acl_aclwiki_db.sql