About the ACL

The Association for Computational Linguistics is THE international scientific and professional society for people working on problems involving natural language and computation. Membership includes the ACL quarterly journal, Computational Linguistics, reduced registration at most ACL-sponsored conferences, discounts on ACL-sponsored publications, and participation in ACL Special Interest Groups.

ACL Exec 2012

The ACL journal, Computational Linguistics, continues to be the primary forum for research on computational linguistics and natural language processing. Since 1988, the journal has been published for the ACL by MIT Press to provide a broader distributional base. More about the journal (submission and review forms) .

An annual meeting is held each summer in locations where significant computational linguistics research is carried out.

Regional associations related to the ACL include:

  • EACL : The European Chapter of the ACL
  • NAACL : The North American Chapter of the ACL


Your Current Executive committee is:

Past-President (2013)
Ken Church
IBM TJ Watson Research Center
President (2013)
Haifeng Wang
Baidu, Inc.
Vice-President (2013)
Gertjan van Noord
University of Groningen
the Netherlands
Vice-President-elect (2013)
Chris Manning
Stanford University
Treasurer (2013-2017)
Graeme Hirst
Computer Science
University of Toronto
Secretary (2011-2015)
Dragomir R. Radev
University of Michigan
secretary [at] org.aclweb (unscramble me)
NAACL chair (ex officio)
Chris Callison-Burch
Computer Science Department
Johns Hopkins University
EACL chair (ex officio)
Stephen Clark
Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge
United Kingdom

At-large (2011-2013)
Renata Vieira
Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul
At-large (2012-2014)
Jian Su
Institute for Infocomm Research
At-large (2013-2015)
Min Yen Kan
National University of Singapore
Journal editor (ex officio)
Robert Dale
Macquarie University
Business Manager
Priscilla Rasmussen
Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL)
acl [at] org.aclweb (unscramble me)
Nominating Committee
Ido Dagan (2011-2013)
Department of Computer Science
Bar-Ilan University
Kevin Knight (2012-2014)
Information Sciences Institute
University of Southern California
Past-President (2013-2015)
Ken Church
IBM TJ Watson Research Center