Six 2014 ACL Fellows Named

Established in 2011, the ACL Fellows program recognizes ACL members whose contributions to the field have been most extraordinary.   To date, there are 26 members of teh ACL that have been honored by the ACL as Fellows.  Today we are pleased to announce six new members who have been granted Fellow status, in recognition of their long standing contribution to the field of Computational Linguistics.  Please join us in congratulating our 2014 Fellows for their achievements.  They are (in alphabetical order): Walter Daelemans, Kevin Knight, Daniel Marcu, Raymond Mooney, Martha Palmer, and Junichi Tsujii.


Walter Daelemans (University of Antwerp)

  • For significant contributions to the theory, methodology, and applications of machine learning of language.

Kevin Knight (Information Science Institute; University of Southern California)

  • For significant contributions to statistical machine translation, automata for natural language processing, and decipherment of historical manuscripts.

Daniel Marcu (Information Science Institute; University of Southern California)

  • For significant contributions to discourse parsing, summarization, and machine translation and to kickstarting the statistical machine translation industry.

Raymond Mooney (University of Texas, Austin)

  • For significant contributions to machine learning for semantic parsing, language generation, and multimodal integration.

Martha Palmer (University of Colorado at Boulder)

  • For significant contributions to computational semantics and the development of semantic corpora.

Junichi Tsujii (Microsoft Research Asia, National Institute of Informatics, University of Tokyo, University of Manchester)

  • For significant contributions to MT, parsing by unification-based grammar and text mining for biology.


Today, they join the ranks of the 2011-2013 Fellows recognized as ACL's distinguished members, as listed on the ACL Wiki at: