Four ACL Fellows recognized for 2015

Established in 2011, the ACL Fellows program recognizes ACL members whose contributions to the field have been most extraordinary.   To date, there are 32 members of the ACL that have been honored by the ACL as Fellows.  Today we are pleased to announce four new members who have been granted Fellow status, in recognition of their long standing contribution to the field of Computational Linguistics.  Please join us in congratulating our 2015 Fellows for their achievements.  They are (in alphabetical order): Claire Cardie, Kenneth W. Church, Salim Roukos and Janyce Wiebe. 


Claire Cardie (Cornell University)

  • For foundational contributions to co-reference resolution, information and opinion extraction, and to machine learning methods in natural language processing.

Kenneth W. Church (IBM)

  • For significant contributions to computational lexicography, statistical natural language processing and the SIGDAT community.

Janyce Wiebe (University of Pittsburgh)

  • For seminal contributions to Subjectivity and Sentiment analysis, Discourse Processing, and Lexical Semantics.

Salim Roukos (IBM)

  • For seminal contributions in statistical methods for parsing, machine translation, and information extraction.


They join the ranks of the 2011-2014 Fellows recognized as ACL's distinguished members, as listed on the ACL Wiki at: