4th International Conference on Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems

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Call for Papers
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Wednesday, 10 June 2009 to Friday, 12 June 2009
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Thursday, 12 February 2009

HAIS 2009.- Extended Deadline 12th-Feb- 09 & Paper Submission Open!
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NEW: - Extended Deadline 12th-Feb-2009.
- Paper Submission Open.

4th International Conference on Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems
10th-12th June, 2009.
Salamanca, Spain
ISSN: 0020-0255

HAIS'09 proceedings will be published by Springer in its series of
LNCS/LNAI- LNAI (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence).

SS01 Real World HAIS Applications and Data Uncertainty
SS02 Applications of Hybrid Artificial Intelligence in Bioinformatics
SS03 Evolutionary Multiobjective Machine Learning
SS04 Hybrid Reasoning and Coordination Methods on Multi-Agent Systems
SS05 Methods of Classifiers Fusion
SS06 Knowledge Extraction based on Evolutionary Learning
SS07 Hybrid Systems based on Bioinspired Algorithms and Argumentation
SS08 Hybrid Evolutionary Intelligence in Financial Engineering

Prof. Witold Pedrycz, - University of Alberta (Canada)
More information soon!!

*** 4th International Conference on Hybrid Artificial Intelligence
combines symbolic and sub-symbolic techniques to
construct more robust and reliable problem solving models. Hybrid
intelligent systems are becoming popular due to their capabilities in
handling many real world complex problems, involving imprecision,
uncertainty and vagueness, high-dimensionality. They provide us with the
opportunity to use both, our knowledge and row data to solve problems in
a more interesting and promising way.

HAIS´09 provides an interesting opportunity to present and discuss the
latest theoretical advances and real-world applications in this
multidisciplinary research field.

Topics are encouraged, but not limited to, the combination of at least
two of the following areas in the field of Hybrid Intelligent Systems:
Fusion of soft computing and hard computing
Evolutionary Computation
Visualization Techniques
Ensemble Techniques
Data mining and decision support systems
Intelligent agent-based systems (complex systems), cognitive and
Reactive distributed AI systems
Internet modelling
Human interface
Case base reasoning
Chance discovery
Applications in security, prediction, control, robotics, image and
speech signal processing, food industry, biology and medicine, business
and management, knowledge management, artificial societies, chemicals,
pharmaceuticals, geographic information systems, materials and
environment engineering and so on.


Submission of papers by Authors: 12th February, 2009
Notification of provisional acceptance: 27th February, 2009
Submission of final papers: 16th March, 2009
Early registration (special rates): 16th March, 2009
HAIS 2009 Conference: 10th-12th June, 2009


Honorary Chair:
Erkki Oja - Helsinki University of Technology (Finland)
Carolina Blasco - Director of Telecommunication. Regional Goverment of
Castilla y León (Spain)

General Chair:
Emilio Corchado - University of Burgos (Spain)

Program Committee:
Xindong Wu, - University of Vermont (USA) (PC Chair)

International Advisory Committee:
Ajith Abraham - Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway)
Pedro M. Caballero - CARTIF (Spain)
Andre de Carvalho - University of Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Juan M. Corchado - University of Salamanca (Spain)
José R. Dorronsoro - Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain)
Petro Gopych - Universal Power Systems USA-Ukraine LLC (Ukraine)
Francisco Herrera- University of Granada. Spain
Lakhmi Jain - University of South Australia (Australia)
Samuel Kaski - Helsinki University of Technology (Finland)
Daniel A. Keim - Computer Science Institute. University Konstanz (Germany)
Isidro Laso - D.G. Information Society and Media (European Commission)
Xin Yao - University of Birmingham (UK)
Hujun Yin - University of Manchester (UK)

Organising Committee:
Emilio Corchado - University of Burgos (Chair)
Bruno Baruque - University of Burgos (Co-Chair)
Álvaro Herrero - University of Burgos (Co-Chair)
Andres Bustillo - University of Burgos (Co-Chair)

*** CONTACT ***
Dr. Emilio Corchado
GICAP Research Group
Área de Lenguajes y Sistemas Informáticos
Calle Francisco de Vitoria, Edifico C,
Escuela Politécnica Superior
Universidad de Burgos
Email: escorchado@ubu.es
URL: Phone: +34 947 25 9395
Fax: +34 947 25 8910

For more information about HAIS´089, please refer to the HAIS´09 website:
* We apologize if you receive this CFP more than once.
* PLEASE CIRCULATE this CFP among your colleagues and students.