The 21st European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference and Workshop

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Call for Papers
Wednesday, 8 July 2009 to Friday, 10 July 2009
United Kingdom
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Saturday, 14 February 2009

The 21st European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference and Workshop
8-10 July, 2009
Cardiff, Wales

Submission deadline: February 14 2009

First Call for Papers & Workshops

Theme: *Choice*

*The grammar is based on the notion of choice* (Halliday, 1969)

Choice could be considered the most important core concept in Systemic
Functional Linguistics. It
is perhaps the most controversial or challenging. What do we mean by choice?
Although choice is a
central notion in Systemic Functional Linguistics, it is rarely the explicit
topic of research. The
goal of ESFLCW09 is to consider the role of *choice* as a core concept in
theoretical and
applied work.

We strongly encourage paper submissions to ESFLCW09 to address the theme of
*choice* in one of
the following ways. Its role in:
* Systemic Functional Linguistic theory.
* Human language production and/or understanding.
* Computational language generation and/or parsing.
* Code-switching and multilingualism - one system or many?
* The practical analysis of the clause, text, and/or discourse.

We would also like to encourage submissions which link SFL with related
linguistic theories where
choice also plays an important role (for example, other functional
approaches, psycholinguistics,
cognitive linguistics, etc.).

Papers focussing on other core concepts in SFL will also be accepted.
Research on languages other
than English is strongly encouraged. We also welcome submissions
representing work in progress.

Presentations may be organised according to the following strands:

* lexicogrammar
* phonology and intonation
* computational models
* language disorders
* corpus linguistics
* formulaic or mulitword expressions
* language production and understanding
* choice for the analyst
* code switching and multilingualism
* language acquisition
* language evolution
* historical linguistics
* other (please specify)

Plenary Speakers:

* Chris Butler, Swansea University
* Geoff Thompson, University of Liverpool
* Elke Teich, Technische Universität Darmstadt


Papers: We invite submission of abstracts of papers for presentation at the
conference. Papers
directly relevant to the conference theme will be preferred but we will
consider other topics within
Systemic-Functional Linguistics. Presentations will be 20 minutes long plus
10 minutes for

Workshops: We will be able to hold a small number of 1.5 hour workshops.
Workshops will need to be
directly relevant to the theme. Please send a description of the workshop.

For each submission, please provide:
* For each author: name, title, affiliation.
* Title of paper.
* Abstract (not more than 300 words).
* The strand or strands appropriate for your submission (if *other*, please
* State whether the submission is for a paper or workshop presentation.

Please send abstracts by email to:

Closing Date: 14 February 2009

For more information: