Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics

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Call for Papers
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Michael Collins -- Editors-in-Chief
Dekang Lin -- Editors-in-Chief

ACL announces the launch of Transactions of the Association for
Computational Linguistics (TACL), a new ACL-sponsored journal
that publishes papers in all areas of computational linguistics
and natural language processing.

A key feature of TACL is that papers accepted for publication
will be eligible for presentation at the ACL main conference.
(Presentation is optional; authors do not have to present
their papers at the conference).

The first submission date for the journal is May 1st, 2012. Full
details of the journal can be found at

In brief, TACL has the following features:

* TACL publishes conference-length papers, but has a journal-style
reviewing process (for example, the option for an action editor to
recommend the "revise and resubmit" category for a paper).

* Papers appearing at TACL are eligible for a presentation at the ACL
main conference (thus the model combines the benefits of a journal,
with the benefits of being able to present the work at a major

* TACL accepts submissions all year around (the 1st day of each month
is a submission deadline).

* TACL is committed to fast turnaround reviewing.

Michael Collins and Dekang Lin
Editors-in-Chief, TACL