SIGDIAL 2017 Conference: Call for Special Sessions

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Call for Proposals
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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

SIGDIAL 2017 Conference: Call for Special Sessions

Special Session Submission Deadline: March 1, 2017
Special Session Notification: March 10, 2017

The SIGDIAL organizers welcome the submission of special session proposals. A SIGDIAL special session is the length of a regular session at the conference; may be organized as a poster session, a panel session, or an oral presentation session; and will be held on the last day of the conference. Special sessions may, at the discretion of the SIGDIAL organizers, be held as parallel sessions.

The papers submitted to special sessions are handled by special session organizers, but for the submitted papers to be in the SIGDIAL proceedings, they have to undergo the same review process as regular papers. The reviewers for the special session papers will be taken from the SIGDIAL program committee itself but taking into account the suggestions of the session organizers.

We welcome special session proposals on any topic of interest to the discourse and dialogue communities.

Those wishing to organize a special session should prepare a two-page proposal containing:
a summary of the topic of the special session;
a list of organizers and sponsors;
a list of people who may submit and participate in the session; and
a requested format (poster/panel/oral session).

These proposals should be sent to conference[at] by the special session proposal deadline. Special session proposals will be reviewed jointly by the general and program co-chairs.

Those wishing to propose a special session may want to look at some of the sessions organized at recent SIGDIAL meetings.

SIGDIAL 2017 Organizing Committee
General Chairs
Kristiina Jokinen, University of Helsinki, Finland and University of Tartu, Estonia
Manfred Stede, University of Potsdam, Germany

Program Chairs
David DeVault, University of Southern California, USA
Annie Louis, University of Essex, UK

Local Chairs
Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova, University of Saarland and DFKI
Olga Petukhova, University of Saarland and DFKI

Mentoring Chair
Pierre Lison, Norwegian Computing Center, Norway

Sponsorships Chair
Ethan Selfridge, Interactions Corporation, USA

SIGdial President
Amanda Stent, Bloomberg, USA

SIGdial Vice President
Jason Williams, Microsoft Research, USA

SIGdial Secretary/Treasurer
Kristiina Jokinen, University of Helsinki, Finland