ACL Fellows 2017

I am happy to announce that the Nominating Committee has selected six new ACL Fellows for 2017.

  • Regina Barzilay: For ground-breaking contributions to language generation, text summarization, reinforcement learning for language applications and multi-lingual core technology.
  • Ralph Grishman: For significant contributions to information extraction and in particular his leadership role in defining the architecture of modern information extraction.
  • Lillian Lee: For significant wide-ranging contributions to the rigorous analysis of human social communication and for advancing the field of computational social science.
  • Diane Litman: For key contributions to dialog systems research, especially the application of reinforcement learning and multimodal analysis to tutoring dialog.
  • Fernando Pereira: For wide-ranging contributions to sequence modeling, finite-state methods, and dependency and deductive parsing.
  • Stuart Shieber: For significant contributions to constraint-based grammar formalisms, synchronous grammars, parsing algorithms, and understanding of the formal properties of natural languages.

Shiqi Zhao, ACL Secretary