2nd International Conference on Natural Language and Speech Processing

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Call for Papers
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Wednesday, 25 April 2018 to Thursday, 26 April 2018
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Dr. Mourad Abbas
Submission Deadline: 
Monday, 18 December 2017

After the success of ICNLSP 2015 (http://www.icnlsp.org/icnlsp2015), the first edition, which had been organized in 2015 in Algiers by the Computational Linguistics Department of the Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique pour le Développement de la Langue Arabe, the 2nd International Conference on Natural Language and Speech Processing ICNLSP 2018 will be held in Algiers on April 25th and 26th 2018,

ICNLSP 2018 is a conference which aims to cover all aspects of natural language and speech processing. It aims to attract contributions in basic theories and applications as well, regular and posters sessions will be organized. There will be an opportunity to take advantage of valuable keynotes delivered by scholars in the field to shed light on the state of the art and the latest developments.

We invite papers discussing the science and technology related to speech and natural language, regardless of the language studied, however works on Arabic and its dialects are encouraged.
The following list includes the topics of ICNLSP 2018 but not limited to:

Signal processing, acoustic modeling
Architecture of speech recognition system
Deep learning for speech recognition
Analysis of speech
Paralinguistics in Speech and Language
Pathological speech and language
Speech coding
Speech comprehension
Speech Translation
Speech synthesis
Speaker and language identification
Phonetics, phonology and prosody
Cognition and natural language processing
Information retrieval
Text categorization
Arabic dialects processing
Under-resourced languages: tools and corpora
New language models
Arabic OCR


Mourad Abbas Researcher, CRSTDLA, Algeria
Ahmed Abdelali Researcher, QCRI, Qatar
Mohamed Afify Researcher, Microsoft, Egypt
Mansour Alghamdi Professor, KACST, Saudi Arabia
Daoud Berkani Professor, ENP, Algeria
Djamel Bouchaffra Professor, CDTA, Algeria
Gérard Chollet Emeritus CNRS researcher, France
Kareem Darwish Researcher, QCRI, Qatar
Mohamed Elfeky Researcher, Google Inc., USA
Ahmed Guessoum Professor, USTHB, Algeria
Walid Magdy Associate professor, University of Edinburgh, UK
Lluis Marquez Researcher, QCRI, Qatar
Preslav Nakov Researcher, QCRI, Qatar
Ahmed Rafea Professor, American University in Cairo, Egypt
Khaled Shaalan Professor, The British University in Dubai, UAE
Otakar Smrz Researcher, Džám-e Džam Language Institute, Czech Republic
Rudolph Sock Professor, University of Strasbourg, France
Stephan Vogel Researcher, QCRI, Qatar
Marcos Zampieri Researcher, University of Cologne, Germany


- Lluis Marquez, Principal scientist, QCRI, Qatar
- Gérard Chollet, Emeritus CNRS researcher, France
- Djamel Bouchaffra, Professor, CDTA, Algeria


Papers must be submitted via the online paper submission system Easychair.
Each submitted paper will be reviewed by three program committee members.


Submission deadline: 18 December 2017
Notification of acceptance: 15 February 2018
Camera-ready paper due: 28 February 2018
Conference dates: 25, 26 April 2018

Best regards
Dr. Mourad Abbas
General chair