2011 Linguistics Institute at the University of Colorado at Boulder

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University of Colorado
Thursday, 7 July 2011 to Tuesday, 2 August 2011
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Cynthia Rostiac
Martha Palmer

The 2011 Linguistic Institute, which will take place at the University of
Colorado, at Boulder from July 7 to August 2, 2011, is pleased to announce
the list of courses and the competition for student fellowship applications.
Information about the application process and registration for the Institute
will be posted soon. All are welcome.

Please note the unusually large offering of courses on computational
linguistics or with a significant computational component.

Institute website: http://verbs.colorado.edu/LSA2011/index.html


A limited number of fellowships, including several named fellowships,
are available on a competitive basis to students attending the 2011
Linguistic Institute. Fellowships generally cover only the cost of
tuition to attend the Institute (although the Bloch and McCawley
fellowships provide some additional support); fellowships do not cover
living expenses, travel expenses to and from the Institute, or visa
expenses for international students. To be awarded a fellowship,
students must enter the fellowship competition, which is administered
by the Linguistic Society of America (LSA); access to the online
fellowship application will be through LSA member login. Students must
be members of the LSA to apply for fellowships; non-members may apply
for membership at the time of application. A link to the online
fellowship application will be made available on the Institute
website, as well as the LSA website, once the competition opens.

The fellowship competition will open in the first half of January 2011
and close the first week of February. A sample of the fellowship
application will be posted in December. We anticipate that the LSA
will inform each applicant of the status of his or her fellowship
application in the second half of March 2011, in time for awardees to
meet the Institute's May 1 early registration deadline.

Applicants may be undergraduate or graduate students; graduate
students should not have received the PhD before the completion of the
Institute. Applicants do not need to be US citizens. Due to the
limited amount of funding available, students who have received a
fellowship from the LSA to attend a previous Institute are not
eligible to apply. To receive a fellowship, students must register to
attend the Institute for the entire 4-week session and take a full
course load (4 units).

To apply for a fellowship, students will be asked to write a statement
of purpose, to identify the Institute courses they intend to take and
to provide details about academic preparation. Applicants for the
Bloch and Language in the USA fellowships will be asked to write brief
additional statements about their qualifications for these
fellowships. In addition, applicants who are currently enrolled in a
US PhD program are expected to submit GRE scores,
unless they are unavailable because this program did not require GRE
scores for admission. For US applicants who are currently enrolled in
an undergraduate
program, a Master's program, or years 1-3 of a PhD program, a transcript is

Non-native speakers of English who have not completed a degree at an
English-speaking institution should submit TOEFL scores, or scores on
an equivalent internationally recognized exam of English proficiency,
if they are available. Two letters of recommendation will also be


The directors of the 2011 Linguistic Institute, to be held July
7-August 2, 2011 at the University of Colorado at Boulder, are pleased
to announce that a complete listing of courses is now available on the
Institute website https://verbs.colorado.edu/LSA2011/index.html).
Institute students and affiliates will select from a slate of 80
courses on a wide variety of topics, including syntactic, semantic and
morphological theory, lexicography, dialectology, language
acquisition, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics,
sociolinguistics and fieldwork/language documentation. See
https://verbs.colorado.edu/LSA2011/courses.html for course listings.
Over 100 international scholars will teach at the 2011 Institute,
including three Institute Professors. See
https://verbs.colorado.edu/LSA2011/faculty-listings.html for faculty
biographies. Early registration for students and affiliates is
tentatively scheduled for March 1-May 1. A future communication
will describe the procedure for online enrollment