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ACL 2003 Main Session Conference Program

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Thursday, July 10, 2003
Probabilistic Parsing Word Sense Disambiguation and Machine Translation Phonology and Morphology Interactive Poster / Demo Exhibition
9:00 Accurate Unlexicalized Parsing
Dan Klein  and  Christopher D. Manning
Feedback Cleaning of Machine Translation Rules Using Automatic Evaluation
Kenji Imamura, Eiichiro Sumita  and  Yuji Matsumoto
A Syllable Based Word Recognition Model for Korean Noun Extraction
Do-Gil Lee, Hae-Chang Rim  and  Heui-Seok Lim
9:25 Deep Syntactic Processing by Combining Shallow Methods
Péter Dienes  and  Amit Dubey
Exploiting Parallel Texts for Word Sense Disambiguation: An Empirical Study
Hwee Tou Ng, Bin Wang  and  Yee Seng Chan
Morphological Analysis of a Large Spontaneous Speech Corpus in Japanese
Kiyotaka Uchimoto, Chikashi Nobata, Atsushi Yamada, Satoshi Sekine  and  Hitoshi Isahara
9:50 Is it Harder to Parse Chinese, or the Chinese Treebank?
Roger Levy  and  Christopher Manning
Learning the Countability of English Nouns from Corpus Data
Timothy Baldwin  and  Francis Bond
Learning to Predict Pitch Accents and Prosodic Boundaries in Dutch
Erwin Marsi, Martin Reynaert, Antal van den Bosch, Walter Daelemans  and  Véronique Hoste
10:15 Break
10:30 Student Research Workshop
12:15 Lunch
Chunk Parsing Parsing and Semantics Discourse and Dialogue Segmentation Interactive Poster / Demo
14:00 Text Chunking by Combining Hand-Crafted Rules and Memory-Based Learning
Seong-Bae Park  and  Byoung-Tak Zhang
Unsupervised Learning of Dependency Structure for Language Modeling
Jianfeng Gao  and  Hisami Suzuki
Probabilistic Text Structuring: Experiments with Sentence Ordering
Mirella Lapata
Meeting Room 101

Posters / Demos
Meeting Room 102
14:25 A SNoW Based Supertagger with Application to NP Chunking
Libin Shen  and  Aravind K. Joshi
Using Model-Theoretic Semantic Interpretation to Guide Statistical Parsing and Word Recognition in a Spoken Language Interface
William Schuler
Towards a Model of Face-to-Face Grounding
Yukiko Nakano, Gabe Reinstein, Tom Stocky  and  Justine Cassell
14:50 An Expert Lexicon Approach to Identifying English Phrasal Verbs
Wei Li, Xiuhong Zhang, Cheng Niu, Yuankai Jiang  and  Rohini K. Srihari
Towards a Resource for Lexical Semantics: A Large German Corpus with Extensive Semantic Annotation
Katrin Erk, Andrea Kowalski, Sebastian Padó  and  Manfred Pinkal
Discourse Segmentation of Multi-Party Conversation
Michel Galley, Kathleen R. McKeown, Eric Fosler-Lussier  and  Hongyan Jing
15:15 Break
15:45 Invited Talk: From Structure to Meaning: Simple Sentence-Structure Cues Guide Sentence Comprehension by Young Children
Cynthia Fisher
16:45 Best Paper Award Ceremony and Closing Session
17:10 Day 3 over
Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3