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ACL 2003 Main Session Conference Program

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Wednesday, July 9, 2003
Information Retrieval Spoken Dialog Statistical Modeling Interactive Poster / Demo Exhibition
9:00 Recognizing Expressions of Commonsense Psychology in English Text
Andrew Gordon, Abe Kazemzadeh, Anish Nair  and  Milena Petrova
Corpus-Based Discourse Understanding in Spoken Dialogue Systems
Ryuichiro Higashinaka, Mikio Nakano  and  Kiyoaki Aikawa
Improved Source-Channel Models for Chinese Word Segmentation
Jianfeng Gao, Mu Li  and  Chang-Ning Huang
9:25 Closing the Gap: Learning-Based Information Extraction Rivaling Knowledge-Engineering Methods
Hai Leong Chieu, Hwee Tou Ng  and  Yoong Keok Lee
Extracting Key Semantic Terms from Chinese Speech Query for Web Searches
Gang Wang, Tat-Seng Chua  and  Yong-Cheng Wang
Unsupervised Segmentation of Words Using Prior Distributions of Morph Length and Frequency
Mathias Creutz
9:50 An Improved Extraction Pattern Representation Model for Automatic IE Pattern Acquisition
Kiyoshi Sudo, Satoshi Sekine  and  Ralph Grishman
Flexible Guidance Generation Using User Model in Spoken Dialogue Systems
Kazunori Komatani, Shinichi Ueno, Tatsuya Kawahara  and  Hiroshi G. Okuno
Parametric Models of Linguistic Count Data
Martin Jansche
10:15 Optimizing Story Link Detection is not Equivalent to Optimizing New Event Detection
Ayman Farahat, Francine Chen  and  Thorsten Brants
Integrating Discourse Markers into a Pipelined Natural Language Generation Architecture
Charles B. Callaway
Self-Organizing Markov Models and Their Application to Part-of-Speech Tagging
Jin-Dong Kim, Hae-Chang Rim  and  Jun'ich Tsujii
10:40 Break
11:20 ACL Business Meeting
12:20 Lunch
14:00 Lifetime Achievement Award Session
15:10 Break
Machine Translation and Chunking Named Entities and Bootstraping Parsing and Grammar Formalisms Interactive Poster / Demo
15:40 Chunk-Based Statistical Translation
Taro Watanabe, Eiichiro Sumita  and  Hiroshi G. Okuno
Uncertainty Reduction in Collaborative Bootstrapping: Measure and Algorithm
Yunbo Cao, Hang Li  and  Li Lian
k-Valued Non-Associative Lambek Categorial Grammars are not Learnable from Strings
Denis Béchet  and  Annie Foret
Meeting Room 101

Posters / Demos
Meeting Room 102
16:05 Feature-Rich Statistical Translation of Noun Phrases
Philipp Koehn  and  Kevin Knight
A Bootstrapping Approach to Named Entity Classification Using Successive Learners
Cheng Niu, Wei Li, Jihong Ding  and  Rohini Srihari
Parsing with Generative Models of Predicate-Argument Structure
Julia Hockenmaier
16:30 Effective Phrase Translation Extraction from Alignment Models
Ashish Venugopal, Stephan Vogel  and  Alex Waibel
Counter-Training in Discovery of Semantic Patterns
Roman Yangarber
Bridging the Gap Between Underspecification Formalisms: Minimal Recursion Semantics as Dominance Constraints
Joachim Niehren  and  Stefan Thater
16:55 Break
Summarization Word Segmentation for Arabic Language Acquisition
17:20 Evaluation Challenges in Large-Scale Document Summarization
Dragomir R. Radev, Simone Teufel, Horacio Saggion, Wai Lam, John Blitzer, Hong Qi, Arda Çelebi, Danyu Liu  and  Elliott Drabek
Unsupervised Learning of Arabic Stemming Using a Parallel Corpus
Monica Rogati, Scott McCarley  and  Yiming Yang
Acquiring Vocabulary for Predictive Text Entry through Dynamic Reuse of a Small User Corpus
Kumiko Tanaka-Ishii, Daichi Hayakawa  and  Masato Takeichi
17:45 Analysis of Source Identified Text Corpora: Exploring the Statistics of the Reused Text and Authorship
Akiko Aizawa
Language Model Based Arabic Word Segmentation
Young-Suk Lee, Kishore Papineni, Salim Roukos, Ossama Emam  and  Hany Hassan
A Word-Order Database for Testing Computational Models of Language Acquisition
William Gregory Sakas
18:15 Day 2 over
19:00 Banquet
Sapporo Grand Hotel
Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3