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Conference Handbook

This is a draft of a new version of the ACL Conference Handbook. A small committee that includes Eva Hajicova (07 general chair), Jan Hajic (07 local), John Carroll (07 general chair), Kathy McKeown (08 general chair), Chris Brew (08 local chair), Dragomir Radev (ACL secretary and chair of this cmte), Ali Hakim (ACL webmaster), Haizhou Li (09 local chair), and Min Yen Kan (09 local) will be in charge of updating the old version of the Handbook and make life easier for future organizers.

Old Conference Handbook


Drago and Ali - set up site with old info Jan and Eva and John - update for 2007 Chris and Kathy - update for 2008

Conference Handbook

Table of Contents



The Exec

Budgets and Statistics

Demo Chair

Exhibits Chair

General (Conference) Chair

Local Chair

Program Chair(s)

Publications Chair

Publicity Chair

Sponsorship Chair

Student Chair

Tutorial Chair