ACL policy on involvement of Exec members in conferences

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Chairs and Sub-Chairs for Conferences

Conference Handbook - Chairs and Sub-Chairs for Conferences

If a person is on the ACL Executive Board, then that person may not serve in one of the program organizing positions for an ACL conference or an ACL chapter conference (namely, conference chair, program chair, Area Chair or Senior PC Member, workshop chair, or tutorial chair). However, a member of the ACL Executive Board may be a member of the program committee for ACL conferences or chapter conferences. If a person is on an ACL chapter board, then the same restrictions hold for that chapter's events. However, such a person may hold program organizing positions for the international ACL conference (unless it is held jointly with the person's chapter conference), and for conferences of other ACL chapters.

Approved by Executive Board, July 2001; Amended March 2002; Amended August 2003