Agenda 2009Q1

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Reference Material
Admin Subcommittee preparations
  • past minutes, matters arising (Drago)
  • Treasurer's report (Graeme)
  • Secretary's report (Drago)
  • Office report (Priscilla)
  • SIG report (Steven)
  • Chapter reports
  • LTA approval
  • Nominations committee

Call 1: Asia/America daytime

All administrative topics already pre-processed by admin subcommittee; all public reporting already completed via admin wiki

Please add bullet points under each item for issues you want us to discuss, and add your name

Useful information
Welcome - Steven
  • new members of this committee; departing members
  • changes, using chat during the call, ...
Minutes from last meeting
(2008Q3 Minutes) - Drago
  • for now we just have a list of to-do items; does anything need discussion right away?
Office report 
(Report) - Priscilla
  • sale of proceedings to free up office space and reduce rental (Steven)
  • prospect of moving office to Priscilla's home and cost savings (Steven)
  • John's travel to 2009 conference (Steven)
Treasurer's report
(Report) - Graeme
  • discussion of issues raised in the "Future" section of the report
(Report) - Steven
  • SIGDAT proposed constitution (Steven)
(Report) - Robert
  • any issues?
2009 Conference
(Report) - Bonnie
  • impact of sponsorship on conference budget (Steven)
  • other issues flagged by Bonnie in her questions to general chair (Bonnie)
  • AFNLP representative (Bonnie); brief verbal report from AFNLP? (Kam-Fai?)
  • possibility of a call between organizers and some of the admin committee
  • any issues?
Discussion topics
  • economic difficulties re sponsorship, travel to conferences -- how can we respond? e.g. streaming video of conference talks for people who can't attend; ideas for cost-containment? how are other professional societies responding?
  • membership depends heavily on conference attendance -- any ideas for promoting membership? (NB ACL Portal project)
  • others? please add here
Other business
  • request for suggestions for hosting ACL-2011 - Steven (from Ido)
  • suggestion for quarterly meetings

Call 2: Europe/America daytime

All administrative topics already pre-processed by admin subcommittee; all public reporting already completed via admin wiki

Minutes from last meeting
(2008Q3 Minutes) - Drago
Secretary's report
(Report) - Drago
Treasurer's update [tentative] - Graeme (2 mins)
Future Events
  • ACL 2009 Singapore - Bonnie
  • ACL 2010 Uppsala (Report) - Steven
  • ACL 2011 Americas (Report) - Ido
Chapter Reports
(Report) - Ido
  • SIGDAT proposed constitution (continued from last meeting)
  • SIGMT approval
  • SIGFSM discussion
Publications Discussion - Ido
Other possible topics
how to encourage a higher standard of conference reviewing
greenlighting about efficient ways to operate our conferences


Call 1

DATE            START END
D-1 GMT-8       17:00 18:30
D-1 GMT-5       20:00 21:30
D+0 GMT         01:00 02:30 - optional
D+0 GMT+1       02:00 03:30 - optional
D+0 GMT+2       03:00 04:30 - optional
D+0 GMT+8       09:00 10:30
D+0 GMT+11      12:00 13:30

Call 2

D+0       10:00 11:30 US/Canada - Pacific
D+0       13:00 14:30 US/Canada - Eastern (GMT-4)
D+0       17:00 18:30 UK
D+0       18:00 19:30 Western Continental Europe
D+0       19:00 20:30 Israel
D+1       01:00 03:30 Hong Kong/Taiwan
D+1       04:00 06:30 Australia