2009Q1 Reports: ACL 2010

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Preparations for ACL 2010 are progressing on schedule. Some aspects of the conference handbook are out of date, and are being updated to reflect current practice as we proceed. A work plan for local arrangements has been established, location and dates have been finalized, all necessary contracts for meetings and accommodations have been prepared. A site visit by ACL (Priscilla Rasmussen) and the General Chair (Jan Hajic) is planned for April 15-17, 2009.

The following chairs have now been appointed. Beáta Megyesi will liaise with the ACL Sponsorship Committee.

Local Chair

Joakim Nivre, Uppsala University, Sweden

General Chair

Jan Hajic, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Program Chairs

still being discussed by coordinating committee

Coordinating Committee Chair

Steven Bird, University of Melbourne, Australia

Publicity Chairs

Beáta Megyesi, Uppsala University, Sweden; Koenraad de Smedt, University of Bergen, Norway

Exhibits Coordinator

Jörg Tiedemann, Uppsala University, Sweden