Weekly Report 2013-06-30

Completed Work

  1. Finished documentation of changes made to date
  2. Added remaining pages in policy folder to adminwiki
  3. Created several accounts on Adminwiki for filing SIG reports
  4. Looked into OAuth for new drupal site
    1. OAuth looks to be more for API integration - not sure we need this
    2. OpenID is available by default in Drupal 7, so I can simply enable this
    3. There is a module for Facebook login integration. It probably requires that we set up an ACL Facebook presence. Not sure if we want this.

Weekly Report 2013-06-23

Completed Work

  1. Made minor style changes to new site:
    1. Installed Admin Menu module to clean up admin interface
    2. Removed "Navigation" title from navigation menu
    3. Centered "Contact Us" block in footer
    4. Changed coloring of header and footer
    5. Added favicon
    6. Changed layout to make the site appear less "blog-like" - more like original Joomla! aclweb.org site
      1. Give prominence to most recent news item
      2. arrange next most-recent in two columns of two each

Weekly Report 2013-06-16

Completed Work

  1. Reviewed policies folder:
    1. created redirect links to place in .htaccess file
    2. made list of candidates for entry into adminwiki
  2. Created drupal content types for documentation and weekly reports
    1. set permissions to ensure these are only available to administrator accounts
    2. installed Content Access module to enable per-content-type permissions
  3. Made minor style changes to new site:


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