Interspeech 2009

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Call for Papers
Sunday, 6 September 2009 to Thursday, 10 September 2009
United Kingdom
Submission Deadline: 
Friday, 17 April 2009

Interspeech 2009 - Call for Papers

Interspeech is the world's largest and most comprehensive
conference on Speech Science and Speech Technology. Interspeech
2009 will be held in Brighton, UK, 6-10 September 2009, and its
theme is Speech and Intelligence. We invite you to submit
original papers in any related area, including (but not limited

Human Speech Production, Perception And Communication

* Human speech production
* Human speech perception
* Phonology and phonetics
* Discourse and dialogue
* Prosody (production, perception, prosodic structure)
* Emotion and Expression
* Paralinguistic and nonlinguistic cues (e.g. emotion and
* Physiology and pathology
* Spoken language acquisition, development and learning

Speech And Language Technology

* Automatic Speech recognition
* Speech analysis and representation
* Audio segmentation and classification
* Speech enhancement
* Speech coding and transmission
* Speech synthesis and spoken language generation
* Spoken language understanding
* Accent and language identification
* Cross-lingual and multi-lingual processing
* Multimodal/multimedia signal processing
* Speaker characterisation and recognition

Spoken Language Systems And Applications

* Speech Dialogue systems
* Systems for information retrieval from spoken documents
* Systems for speech translation
* Applications for aged and handicapped persons
* Applications for learning and education
* Hearing prostheses
* Other applications

Resources, Standardisation And Evaluation

* Spoken language resources and annotation
* Evaluation and standardisation


Paper Submission

Papers for the Interspeech 2009 proceedings are up to four pages
in length and should conform to the format given in the paper
preparation guidelines and author kits, which are now available

Authors are asked to categorize their submitted papers as being
one of:
N: Completed empirical studies reporting novel research findings
E: Exploratory studies
P: Position papers

Authors will also have to declare that their contribution is
original and not being submitted for publication elsewhere (e.g.
another conference, workshop, or journal).

Papers must be submitted via the on-line paper submission
system, which will open shortly. The deadline for submitting a
paper is 17th April 2009. This date will not be extended.

Interspeech2009 Organising Committee