Digital Humanities Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies 103rd Annual Meeting

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Call for Papers
San Francisco Hilton Hotel
Thursday, 2 May 2013 to Saturday, 4 May 2013
San Francisco

Call for Papers: Digital Humanities
Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies
103rd Annual Meeting
May 2-4, 2013, San Francisco Hilton Hotel, Financial District

Digital methods in the Liberal Arts have shifted from being a sideshow to a
central act in the scholarly engagement with human culture. Though humanists
and social scientists have used computation in their work for many decades,
the amount of both digitized data and degree of algorithmic sophistication
makes the present moment a crucial one for bringing together expertise and
exchange of ideas in this area. Since our field studies nations with high
levels of technical development and strong investments in large-scale
digital cultural heritage projects, we face a special challenge in ensuring
our methodologies are sophisticated enough to tackle a coming flood of
Nordic ³big data.² As part of the Annual Meeting of SASS, we are soliciting
proposals on the subject Digital Humanities, broadly considered. We
anticipate any of the following focus areas would be appropriate, and also
welcome other topics and approaches as relevant:

€ Literary and linguistic text mining
€ Digital folkloristics /computation for cultural heritage domains
€ Stylometrics
€ GeoSpatial / GIS / digital cultural mapping
€ Digital multimodal / new media studies
€ Algorithmic image analysis/ film analysis
€ TEI, XML, and other forms of semantic markup
€ Digital editions or online scholarly editions
€ Corpus query engines / information retrieval for cultural analytics
€ Digital humanities, pedagogy, and the college curriculum
€ Corpus linguistics / Internet linguistics
€ Computational linguistics / Natural language processing
€ Computational social media analysis
€ Consumer platforms and new modes of reading, viewing, listening, and
translating content
€ Digital methods in the humanities, arts, and social sciences
€ Theories of digital humanities and critical inquiry into the
quantification of humanities research
€ Tutorials and introductory information presentations suitable also for
those with an interest in learning more about Digital Humanities but who
have limited experience in the area.

We also encourage proposals from researchers in computer science,
informatics, and statistics, with the caveat that such presentations frame
their work with a clear connection to the Nordic Humanities, Social
Sciences, or the Arts.

These papers will be assembled into an in-conference seminar, or Topic
Stream, which links multiple papers on this topic. We anticipate a variety
of formats for the panels in the Digital Humanities Stream and ask that
contributors clearly specify which format they are most interested in,
though we cannot guarantee that all requests can be accommodated.
€ Traditional: four 15-minute papers or three 20-minute papers
€ Flash: six ten-minute papers
€ Poster: visual displays on board or computer monitor
€ Roundtable: discussion on a subtopic, or summary panel

We expect to draw on submissions to the Digital Humanities Stream for a
subsequent peer-reviewed publication, either as a special issue of a
journal, an edited collection, or as an open access web-publication. We
encourage interested participants to reference ways in which they foresee
developing their conference contribution into a possible publication. Send
500-word abstracts with a short biographical note by November 30 to Peter
Leonard; Cissi Oversdotter Alm, Tim
Tangherlini, or Anna Stenport A copy
should also be sent to the conference committee at

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