ACL 2014 -- Important Survey

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Marriott Baltimore Waterfront Hotel
Sunday, 22 June 2014 to Friday, 27 June 2014

Dear potential attendee of ACL 2014,

This year we would like to improve the scheduling of talks at ACL to:
(a) avoid conflicts where two papers that many people want to attend are scheduled opposite each other, and
(b) better fit likely attendance to room capacity, and avoid room overflow at popular talks

Please help us improve your experience at ACL 2014 by filling out the following survey: (This link is also available on the website).

We will use statistics on which paper pairings will create the most and fewest desired-attendance conflicts to help optimize the assignment of papers to timeslots.

By participating, you will help reduce the chance that papers you want to see are scheduled at the same time.

We would appreciate your response to this survey as soon as possible.

- David Yarowsky, ACL 2014 local arrangements chair