The First International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (IJCNLP-04)
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  T2 HowNet


This tutorial addresses issues on building a large semantic-oriented lexical resource. The talk focuses on HowNet that the speaker has been engaged in developing. It will include, (1) Overall picture of HowNet, (2) HowNet-based second resources, (3) Comparison between HowNet and WordNet, SUMO, VerbNet, (4) Some typical applications of HowNet.

Detailed Abstract


Concept relationships – essence of HowNet
HowNet-based 2nd resource series and their potential applications
Comparison makes distinction
Cases of application of HowNet


Objectives for HowNet construction
General guidelines for HowNet design
A theoretical issue
What is HowNet
Philosophy of HowNet
History of HowNet developing
Current work of development
Present status
Major components of HowNet

Major components of HowNet

HowNet Basic Data
HowNet Semems
HowNet Event roles
Hownet knowledge description mark-up language (KDML)HowNet Taxonomies
HowNet Browser
HowNet 2nd Resources

Presentation and Presentation and 2nd Resources

2nd Resources developedConcept relevance calculator

Concept similarity calculator
Query expansion tool for search engine

2nd Resources are being developed

Message structure extractor
IE samples editing aidQuestion analyzer for QA

Over 160 viewgraphs and a freely-available CD containing all the HowNet taxonomies (over 250KB) and research papers on HowNet and some other HowNet-relevated materials.


3 hours


Dong Zhendong


T1 Pitfalls in Applying Unsupervised Learning to NLP

T2 HowNet