13th Conference of the European Chapter
of the Association for computational Linguistics

13th Conference of the European Chapter
of the Association for computational Linguistics

Avignon France April 23 - 27 2012

Instructions for Submitting a Paper

Submission and reviewing will be electronic, managed by the START system:


Submissions, together with supplementary material (if any), must be uploaded onto the START system by the submission deadline:

    November 4, 2011 (11:59pm Samoa Time; UTC/GMT -11 hours)

Papers submitted after that time will not be reviewed. To minimise network congestion we request that authors upload their submissions as early as possible (especially if they contain large supplementary material files).

Paper Formatting and Requirements

Submissions can take up to nine (9) pages of content and any number of additional pages containing references only, together with optional supplementary material as described below. The paper should follow the two-column format of EACL-2012 proceedings (provided below). We reserve the right to reject submissions if the paper does not conform to these styles, including A4 size and font size restrictions. The only accepted format for submitted papers is Adobe PDF.

As reviewing will be double-blind, the paper should not include the authors' names and affiliations. Furthermore, self-references that reveal the author's identity, e.g., "We previously showed (Smith, 1991) ...", should be avoided. Instead, use citations such as "Smith previously showed (Smith, 1991) ...". Authors should not use anonymous citations and should not include any acknowledgments. Papers that do not conform to these requirements will be rejected without review. Separate identification information is required, and will be part of the web submission process.

Authors can additionally submit supplementary material for their paper. Such extra material may include long technical proofs that do not fit into the paper, sample inputs and outputs from a system, details of experimental results, pseudo-code or source code for running experiments, and data. The reviewers and the program committee reserve the right to judge the paper solely on the basis of the 9 (content) pages; looking at any extra material is up to the discretion of the reviewers and is not required. Submission of supplementary material is entirely optional. The paper should stand on its own, excluding any supplement. The supplementary material must be in the form of a single .zip or a .tgz archive file with a maximum size of 10MB; otherwise there are no constraints on its format. Please ensure that the supporting material (including filenames) is anonymized.

Papers submitted to EACL 2012 should describe original work; they should emphasize completed work rather than intended work, and should indicate clearly the state of completion of the reported results. A paper accepted for presentation at EACL 2012 cannot be presented at any other meeting with publicly available published proceedings. Papers that are being submitted to other conferences or workshops must disclose this information at submission time. Please list all other meetings where the paper has been submitted in the "other submissions" field on the submission site.

If the paper is accepted by both EACL-2012 and another meeting or publication, it must be withdrawn from one of them. Furthermore, the authors must notify the program chairs, within a week of receiving the EACL-2012 acceptance notification, whether or not they have chosen EACL-2012 for presentation of their work.

Mentoring service

EACL is providing a mentoring (coaching) service for authors from regions of the world where English is less emphasized as a language of scientific exchange. Many authors from these regions, although able to read the scientific literature in English, have little or no experience in writing papers in English for conferences such as the E/ACL meetings. If you would like to take advantage of the service, please upload your paper in PDF format by September 23, 2011 using the URL for the mentoring service at:    https://www.softconf.com/eacl2012/EACL-Mentoring-2012/

Please make sure that your paper is in a pre-final state; in particular it should adhere to the EACL submission guidelines regarding formatting and length.

Questions about the mentoring service should be referred to

EACL-2012 Style Files

   Latex                MS Word
   eacl2012.tex         eacl2012.doc
   eacl2012.sty         eacl2012.dot
   eacl2012.pdf         eacl2012.pdf
   acl.bst                   all in one file
   all in one file