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Grammar-based approaches to spoken language processing

Friday, June 29, whole day

  Lounge 2
  Session 1: Overview Talks
9:30–9:45 Opening Remarks
9:45–10:15 Aarne Ranta: An Overview of GF
10:15–10:45 Manny Rayner: An Overview of Regulus
10:45–11:15 Break
  Session 2: GF
11:15–11:40 Speech Recognition Grammar Compilation in Grammatical Framework
Björn Bringert
11:40–12:05 Converting Grammatical Framework to Regulus
Peter Ljunglöf
12:05–12:30 Dialogue System Localization with the GF Resource Grammar Library
Nadine Perera and Aarne Ranta
12:30–14:30 Lunch
  Session 3: Grammar-based vs statistical approaches AND applications
14:30–14:55 Grammar-based context-specific statistical language modelling
Rebecca Jonson
14:55–15:20 Handling Out-of-Grammar Commands in Mobile Speech Interaction Using Backoff Filler Models
Tim Paek, Sudeep Gandhe, Max Chickering and Yun Cheng Ju
15:20–15:45 A Bidirectional Grammar-Based Medical Speech Translator
Pierrette Bouillon, Glenn Flores, Marianne Starlander, Nikos Chatzichrisafis, Marianne Santaholma, Nikos Tsourakis, Manny Rayner and Beth Ann Hockey
15:45–16:15 Break
  Session 4: Demos and panel
16:15–17:30 Demos
A Development Environment for Building Grammar-Based Speech-Enabled Applications
Elisabeth Kron, Manny Rayner, Marianne Santaholma and Pierrette Bouillon
Generation of speech grammar formats from GF
Björn Bringert
The MedSLT medical speech translator
Pierrette Bouillon and Manny Rayner
Using GF resource grammars
Nadine Perera
17:30–18:15 Panel discussion

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