Sponsorship Opportunities

This conference is the Joint 21st International Conference on Computational Linguistics and 44th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics. It is only the third time in their 45-year history that these two peak international bodies in the areas of language technology and natural language processing have combined their conferences.

We expect an audience in excess of 700 participants, drawn from academic and industrial organisations across the world.

The conference itself consists of four days of parallel paper presentations, and a number of associated specialist workshops and tutorials. There will also be exhibits and technology demonstrations. Separately, the ICCL and ACL conferences are recognised as the two major international events in the fields of language technology, computational linguistics and natural language processing; in their conjoined form in Sydney, we expect this to be the largest-ever international event in the field. The audience will include research leaders from major international corporations such as Microsoft and Xerox, and technical specialists from internationally acclaimed research institutions such as Stanford University and Carnegie-Mellon University. It is an event that will be locked in to the calendars of anyone who is serious about cutting edge developments in the language technologies.

Sponsorship packages have been tailored to appeal to a wide variety of marketing objectives. However, if there are other ways in which your organisation would like to be involved, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss these with you, and encourage your creative ideas.

For full details of sponsorship opportunities, please refer to the Sponsor Prospectus.