Notes for Paper Presenters

This page contains updated instructions for COLING/ACL paper presentations.

  1. A "speaker ready room" (room 107) will be provided. The room will have 2 laptops available.
  2. Please arrive at the at the Bayside room in which your session has
    been scheduled AT LEAST 15 MINUTES before the start of the session.
    Introduce yourself to the session chair, who will be looking for
    you. Use the time to copy your presentation onto the laptop provided
    or to familiarize yourself with the setup if you plan to use your own
  3. Each paper presentation at the conference is allotted a 30-minute
    slot (see the schedule for details):

    • oral presentation: 20 minutes
    • question period: 5 minutes
    • room-changing period: 5 minutes

    Our session chairs will enforce these time limits. In particular, the
    5 minutes for switching rooms at the end of EACH paper (not each
    session) is needed because some rooms are rather far apart, so don't
    plan on having that time available for either the presentation or for

  4. Each room will be equipped with the usual projection facilities:
    • Data Projector / screen / lectern and fixed mic
    • Lapel microphone
    • Laptop (running XP, Office 2003 and Adobe Reader) plus ability for users to simply plug in their own laptop (IBM or MAC) and go
    • Full internet access
    • Laser pointer
    • Overhead projector
    • Water

See you soon in Sydney!

Claire & Pierre