Program Overview

10-14 July, 2006 (Mon-Fri)ACL/HCSNet Advanced Program in Natural Language Processing
15-16 July, 2006 (Sat-Sun)WS13: 7th SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue
WS15: The Eighth International Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammar and Related Formalisms (TAG+8)
WS14: INLG 2006: International Conference on Natural Language Generation
16 July, 2006 (Sun)Tutorials
16 July, 2006 (Sun)Welcome Cocktails
17-21 July, 2006 (Mon-Fri)Main conference
17 July, 2006 (Mon)Posters, Nibblies and Canapés
18 July, 2006 (Tue)Posters, Nibblies and Canapés
19 July, 2006 (Wed)Excursion to Taronga Park Zoo and Manly Beach
20 July, 2006 (Thu)Conference Dinner
22-23 July, 2006 (Sat-Sun)Workshops
22 July, 2006 (Sat)WS6: Frontiers in Linguistically Annotated Corpora 2006
WS3: Sentiment and Subjectivity in Text
WS4: Constraints and Language Processing (CSLP-06)
WS5: 2nd Workshop on Ontology Learning and Population: Bridging the Gap between Text and Knowledge
WS2: Information Extraction Beyond the Document
22-23 July, 2006 (Sat-Sun)WS16: 2006 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP 2006)
WS1: Fifth SIGHAN Workshop on Chinese Language Processing
23 July, 2006 (Sun)WS10: Multilingual Language Resources and Interoperability
WS12: Multiword Expressions: Identifying and Exploiting Underlying Properties
WS11: Linguistic Distances
WS7: Task-Focused Summarization and Question Answering
WS9: Annotating and Reasoning about Time and Events (ARTE)
WS8: How can Computational Linguistics improve Information Retrieval?