We are providing a comprehensive service through which you can now book ALL your travel, accommodation, and if you need to, rent roaming SIM cards for your mobiles and rent Wireless Broadband access (see NOTE below) for use while in Australia. And you're not limited to the conference week itself – LIDO will book you flights and accommodation anywhere, any time – so plan to stay a while!

These bookings will be online via The LIDO Group - here you can see detailed information on each available hotel, its facilities, its map etc. You can also book travel online, by searching for the best available fares, and booking your flights online - with all airlines available to you. And LIDO provide a 24/7 call centre service if you need to change any details after the initial booking.

Note 1: Especially note that ALL hotel room rates are in Australian Dollars (as are all Registration Prices, all prices for the Conference). We have provided for you a covering list of all the hotels for which we have special conference prices, and show you the equivalent pricing in US Dollars and Euros at an approvimate conversion rate of 0.75 for US Dollars and 0.60 for Euros. You should refer to a Currency Conversion tool (such as that at to get correct conversion rates when you book.

Note 2: The conference organisers will provide wireless access to all delegates, at the main conference venue the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, for the 5 days of the main conference. We will also provide email access at the secondary venue, the University of Technology, Sydney, for attendees at the preceding and following Workshops and Tutorials.

NOTE 3: Please remember that you need to take two steps to ensure you're not left out in the cold for Coling-ACL 2006. Firstly, the Accommodation Bookings are now available - book early to ensure the hotel of your choice. You do also have to REGISTER for the Conference, this facility will be available in early March; we will cross check occasionally to see that all with accommodation do register and vice versa - but make sure you book both aspects of the Conference.