23rd July


(117)  Session 10: Text Categorization

Sandra Carberry

(116)  Session 14: Lexical Semantics

Steven Bird

(115)  Session 18


Student Research Workshop


8.45 – 9.10

Learning with Unlabeled Data for Text Categorization Using a Bootstrapping and a Feature Projection Technique

Youngioong Ko, Jungyun Seo

Building Verb Predicates: A Computational View

Fernando Gomez

Demonstrations & Interactive Posters: Short Presentations

9.10 – 9.35

The Sentimental Factor: Improving Review Classification via Human-Provided Information

Philip Beineke, Trevor Hastie, Shivakumar Vaithyanathan

Large-Scale Induction and Evaluation of Lexical Resources from the Penn-II Treebank

Ruth O’Donovan, Michael Burke, Aoife Cahill, Josef van Genabith, Andy Way

9.35 – 10.00

A Sentimental Education: Sentiment Analysis Using Subjectivity Summarization Based on Minimum Cuts

Bo Pang, Lillian Lee

Inducing Frame Semantic Verb Classes from WordNet and LDOCE

Rebecca Green, Bonnie J. Dorr, Philip Resnik

10.00 – 10.30



(117)  Session 11: Word Sense Disambiguation

Rada Mihalcea

(116)  Session 15: Generation

Robert Dale

(115)  Session 19: Statistical Parsing

Kemal Oflazer


Student Research Workshop


10.30 – 10.55

Finding Predominant Word Senses in Untagged Text

Diana McCarthy, Rob Koeling, Juliee Weeds, John Carroll

Paragrah-, word-, and coherence-based approaches to sentence ranking: A comparison of algorithm and human performance

Florian Wolf, Edward Gibson

Adaptive Chinese Word Segmentation

Jianfeng Gao, Andi Wu, Mu Li, Chang-Ning Huang, Hongqiao Li, Xinsong Xia, Haowei Oin

10.55 – 11.20

Unsupervised Sense Disambiguation Using Bilingual probabilistic Models

Indrajit Bhattacharya, Lise Getoor, Yoshua Bengio

Evaluating Centering-Based Metrics of Coherence

Nikiforos Karamanis, Massimo Poesio, Chris Mellish, Jon Oberlander

Experiments in Parallel-Text Based Grammar Induction

Jonas Kuhn

11.20 – 11.45

Chinese Verb Sense Discrimination Using an EM Clustering Model with Rich Linguistic Features

Jinying Chen, Martha Palmer

Computing Locally Coherent Discourses

Ernst Althaus, Nikiforos Karamanis, Alexander Koller

Corpus-Based Induction of Syntactic Structure: Models of Dependency and Constituency

Dan Klein, Christopher D. Manning

11.45 – 12.10

Relieving the Data Acquisition Bottleneck in Word Sense Disambiguation

Mona Diab

Generating Referring Expressions in Open Domains

Advaith Siddharthan, Ann Copestake

Annealing Techniques for Unsupervised Statistical Language Learning

Noah A. Smith, Jason Eisner

12.10 – 13.40



(117)  Session 12: Syntax/Semantics/Parsing

Giorgio Satta

(116)  Session 16: Information Extraction/Information Retrieval

Eduard Hovy

(115)  Session 20: Machine Translation

Jason Eisner


Student Research Workshop


Demo/poster session

13.40 – 14.05

Enriching the Output of a Parser Using Memory-Based Learning

Valentin Jijkoun, Maarten de Rijke

Discovering Relations among Named Entities form Large Corpora

Takaaki Hasegawa, Satoshi Sekine, Ralph Grishman

Multi-Engine Machine Translation with Voted Language Model

Tadashi Nomoto

14.05 – 14.30

Long-Distance Dependency Resolution in Automatically Acquired Wide-Coverage PCFG-Based LFG Approximations

Aoife Cahill, Michael Burke, Ruth O’Donovan, Josef van Genabith, Andy Way

Dependendy Tree Kernels for Relation Extraction

Aron Culotta, Jeffrey Sorensen

Aligning words using matrix Factorisation

Cyril Goutte, Kenji Yamada, Eric Gaussier

14.30 – 14.55

Deep dependencies from context-free statistical parsers: correcting the surface dependency approximation

Roger Levy, Christopher D. Manning

Classifying Semantic Relations in Bioscience Texts

Barbara Rosario, Marti Hearst

FSA: An Efficient and Flexible C++ Toolkit for Finite State Automata Using On-Demand Computation

Stephan Kanthak, Hermann Ney

14.55 – 15.20

A Study on Convolution Kernels for Shallow Statistic Parsing

Alessandro Moschitti

Collective Information Extraction with Relational Markow Networks

Razvan Bunescu, Raymond J. Mooney

Improving IBM Word-Alignment Model 1

Robert C. Moore

15.20 – 15.50



(117)  Session 13: Dialogue Systems

Felisa Verdejo

(116)  Session 17: Syntax/Semantics/Parsing (Grammar Consturction)

Gerald Penn

(115)  Session 21: Multilingual Lexicons

Adam Kilgariff


Student Research Workshop


Demo/poster session

15.50 – 16.15

Combining Acoustic and Pragmatic Features to Predict Recognition Performance in Spoken Dialogue Systems

Malte Gabsdil, Oliver Lemon

Error Mining for Wide-Coverage Grammar Engineering

Gertjan van Noord

A Geometric View on Bilingual Lexicon Extraction from Comparable Corpora

E. Gaussier, J.-M. Renders, I. Matveeva, C. Goutte, H. Dejean

16.15 – 16.40

Predicting Student Emotions in Computer-Human Tutoring Dialogues

Diane J. Litman, Katherine Forbes-Riley

Alternative Approaches for Generating Bodies of Grammar Rules

Gabriel Infante-Lopez, Maarten de Rijke

Creating Multilingual Translation Lexicons with Regional Variations Using Web Corpora

Pu-Jen Cheng, Wen-Hsiang Lu, Jei-Wen Teng, Lee-Feng Chien

16.40 – 17.40

(117)  Plenary: Lifetime Achievement Award