ACL-2003 Workshop on Patent Corpus Processing

Sunday, July 12, 2003
9:10-9:20 Welcome
9:20-9:50 A Patent Document Retrieval System Addressing Both Semantic and Syntactic Properties
Liang Chen, Naoyuki Tokuda  and  Hisahiro Adachi
9:50-10:20 Intelligent Patent Analysis through the Use of a Neural Network: Experiment of Multi-Viewpoint Analysis with the MultiSOM Model
Jean-Charles Lamirel, Shadi Al Shehabi, Martial Hoffmann  and  Claire Francois
10:20-10:40 Break
10:40-11:10 Overview of Patent Retrieval Task at NTCIR-3
Makoto Iwayama, Atsushi Fujii, Noriko Kando  and  Akihiko Takano
11:10-11:40 Pseudo Relevance Feedback Method based on Taylor Expansion of Retrieval Function in NTCIR-3 Patent Retrieval Task
Kazuaki Kishida
11:40-12:10 Term Distillation in Patent Retrieval
Hideo Itoh, Hiroko Mano  and  Yasushi Ogawa
12:10-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:00 Can Text Analysis Tell us Something about Technology Progress?
Khurshid Ahmad  and  AbdulMohsen Al-Thubaity
14:00-14:30 Patent Claim Processing for Readability - Structure Analysis and Term Explanation
Akihiro Shinmori, Manabu Okumura, Yuzo Marukawa  and  Makoto Iwayama
14:30-15:00 Natural Language Analysis of Patent Claims
Svetlana Sheremetyeva
15:00-15:30 Wrap-up