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The Lexicon and Figurative Language

Metonymy as a Cross-lingual Phenomenon
Wim Peters

Encoding Information on Metaphoric Expressions in WordNet-like Resources
Antonietta Alonge and Margherita Castelli

Is There a Way to Represent Metaphors in WordNets? Insights from the Hamburg Metaphor Database
Birte Lönneker

Systematicity and the Lexicon in Creative Metaphor
Tony Veale

Conceptual Metaphors: Ontology-based representation and corpora driven Mapping Principles
Kathleen Ahrens, Siaw Fong Chung and Chu-Ren Huang

Let's Paint the Town Red for a Few Hours: Composition of Aspect in Idioms
Sheila R. Glasbey

The Organization of the Lexicon: The Polysemy of Grow and Disambiguation
Yukiko Sasaki Alam

The Semantics of Metaphor in the Game Theoretic Semantics with at Least Two Coordination Equilibria
Chiaki Ohkura