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Convention Center of Sapporo, Sapporo, JAPAN


Tutorials and Pre-conference Workshops:

July 7, 2003

Main Conference:

July 8-10, 2003

Post-conference Workshops:

July 11-12, 2003

We are happy to announce that the members of the PC are finalized and that the CFP of the student session is now available. We would also like to remind you that the deadline for workshop proposals is November 28.

[1] Call for Workshop Proposals

Important Dates

Submission deadline for workshop proposals:

November 28, 2002

Notification of acceptance workshop proposal:

December 12, 2002

Workshop Dates:

July 7, 2003 (pre-conference workshops)
July 11-12, 2003 (post-conference workshops)

[2] Areas chairs of the PC are as follows:

[Co-Chairs of the PC]
Erhard Hinrichs (University of Tuebingen, Germany)
Dan Roth (University of Illinois, U.S.A.)

[Area Chairs]

Discourse and Dialogue:
Bonnie Webber (University of Edinburgh, U.K.)

Computational Psycholinguistics; Lexical Semantics and Ontologies for NLP:
Paola Merlo (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Syntax, Semantics, Grammars, Morphology and Phonology:
Anette Frank (DFKI, Germany)

Speech, Language Modeling, Stat. Methods:
Chris Manning (Stanford University, U.S.A.)

NL Applications:
Koiti Hasida (Cyber Assist Research Center, Japan)
Ming Zhou (Microsoft, China)

MT and Multilinguality:
Kevin Knight (Information Sciences Institute, U.S.C., U.S.A.)

Word Segmentation, Shallow Parsing, Tagging and Chunking:
Thorsten Brants (Xerox PARC, U.S.A.)

Generation and Parsing:
Gertjan van Noord (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)

Machine Learning for NL:
Raymond J. Mooney (University of Texas at Austin, U.S.A.)

Information Extraction/Information Retrieval
Hwee Tou Ng (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

Language Resources
Hae-Chang Rim (Korea University, Korea)

[3] CFP of the student session

Sandra Kuebler (University of Tuebingen, Germany)
Kotaro Funakoshi (Ph.D. student of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
Jahna C Otterbacher (Ph.D student of University of Michigan, U.S.A.)
Chris Brew (The Ohio State University)

Important Dates

Paper registration:

February 21, 2003

Paper submission deadline:

February 26, 2003

Notification of Acceptance:

April 26, 2003

Camera-Ready Copy Due:

May 5, 2003

We will provide exhibition booths with full Internet access at ACL03 and would like to encourage groups in academic institutes as well as industrial sponsors to exhibit their most recent research and development results. Information on industrial support and exhibitions will be available on our Web site soon.

[5] [Collocated Events]

We would be happy to help those wishing to arrange events in conjunction with ACL03. For information on available venues and local facilities for gatherings and meetings, please contact:

Kenji Araki (Hokkaido University, Japan)

Posters and brochures are now available from our Web site.

[7] Deadlines

November 28, 2002:

Workshop Proposal

December 16, 2002:

Tutorial Proposal

February 26, 2003:

Paper submission (Main conference and Student Workshop)

May 1, 2003:

Interactive Posters and Demo