Sponsorships Chairs Report for 2004

Deborah Dahl, Sponsorships Chair

Antonia Marti, Local Sponsorships Chair

This year we were very fortunate that the Forum for Cultures was able
to provide the facilities and some services for free because the ACL
meeting is part of the Forum for Cultures. This was of significant
benefit to the ACL and was greatly appreciated. The Forum for Cultures
sponsorship required coordinating with the Forum for Cultures so that
no ACL sponsors were competitors of Forum Sponsors (who had been
promised exclusive sponsorships).  In practice this was not a problem
because the businesses of the ACL and Forum sponsors did not
overlap. The Student Workshop also received a grant from the National
Science Foundation for $$22,400.

This year we offered several levels of sponsorships -- Platinum, Gold,
Silver, and Bronze.  as well as a banquet sponsorship. As of June 30,
we had one Silver ($3,000) and two Bronze ($1,000) sponsors for a
total of $5000. The Silver sponsor was Comprendium, and the Bronze
sponsors were Xerox Research Center Europe and Daedalus.  Cambra de
Comerc de Barcelona sponsored the conference banquet (6,000 euros,
approximately $7,300).

We had 8 institutional sponsors:
Ajuntament de Barcelona
Generalitat de Catalunya
Spanish Government
Universitat de Barcelona
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Universitat Ramon Llull

Point for discussion:

For 2004 we've put together a database of sponsorship contacts with a
total of over 300 contacts in Europe, North America, and Asia which we
used for both general mailings and individual mailings soliciting
sponsorships.  We can pass this information along to next year's
sponsorships chairs.