Conference publicity
Felisa Verdejo

Conference Publicity has been carried out using a variety of channels,
listed below:

1- Newsletters . Three newsletters dedicated to inform timely on the
issues related to the ACL04 event have been produced. These
newsletters have been distributed electronically to ACL membership, to
the following international professional lists: ELSNET, ISCA, IEEE
Speech Technical Committee,, ATALA( as well as to the following Spanishs Institutions or
associations: Instituto Cervantes (Oficina de la Sociedad de la
Informacion, SEPLN ( AEPIA.
These newsletters have also been posted on the ACL04 web site.

2- Posters announcing the Conference have been produced and
distributed (500 ) to selected Institutions in a list provided by
P.Rasmussen, to ELSNET Institutions and other Universities.

3- The ACL04 web-site

4- The FORUM publicity:
   - Announcements in Spanish Journals, mainly on Sundays have
     appeared several times, including the ACL04 Conference.
   - The web site of the FORUM

Other chairs (students, workshops) have also take actions on their

Recommended for the future:
     to have (and enrich) the list of potential electronic addresses
to distribute the newsletter to related organizations or communities