ACL 2004 Report Instructions

This page contains instructions for ACL officials preparing reports for 2004. Please send any correspondence to Walter Daelemans < >. A list of (completed) reports is available here .

Request for reports and invitation to exec-plus dinner

In preparation for this year's executive committee meeting, please send me your status reports on ACL activities during the last year and a description of ongoing activities. I need a brief report, in plain ASCII format, of no more than a few paragraphs in each assigned area. These will be used both as a public record of ACL activities and as a basis for discussions at the ACL Executive Meeting, the Exec-Plus Dinner, and the Public Business Meeting. Please inform me as soon as possible if responsibility for your task has switched to someone else (and also include their email address). I will compile the reports and distribute them in advance of the meeting.

The content of the reports will be used to set agenda items for the meeting. Therefore it is essential that they be received NO LATER THAN the deadline and earlier if possible. Thus I urge you to take the time to prepare your report well in advance.

Invitation: Officials who complete their report are invited to attend the "Executive Plus" Dinner and present their report (details to be announced).

Background: where reports are presented

  1. Executive Meeting: This is a full-day meeting of the ACL Executive usually held before the conference. The president or secretary usually invites the people involved in current and future conferences to attend part of the meeting and give a status report.
  2. Exec-Plus Dinner: This is an evening meeting which includes everyone who has submitted reports, including representatives of all the SIGs. This dinner has the dual role of thanking people who have contributed to ACL, and also as a working meeting where some topics can be discussed in a larger group.
  3. Business Meeting: This is a public meeting for the ACL membership, and the ideal place for reporting ACL and SIG initiatives and for informing the membership about the full breadth of activities in the association. Consider putting your main points on a transparency (in a large point-size).
Note: Everyone submitting reports will have an opportunity for short presentations at both the exec-plus dinner and business meetings. Some reports will also be presented at the exec meeting (by invitation). Please plan presentations to avoid duplication of content. In particular, so that the exec-plus dinner does not run late, please note the following points: Also for the business meeting, only overheads can be used, and limit your report to 1-2 minutes. Thank-you!

Last year's reports

In preparing your report, you may find it helpful to check reports compiled earlier and available online at e.g.:

Important Dates

NOW Please bookmark this page and plan your report!
WEDNESDAY JUNE 30 email your ASCII report to
with the subject line "ACL EXEC REPORT"
Please don't send anything but ASCII
FRIDAY JULY 9 reports circulated - please read!
WEDNESDAY JULY 21 Exec meeting
THURSDAY JULY 22 Exec-plus dinner
SATURDAY JULY 24 Business meeting

Note: The June 30 deadline is designed to give you as much time as possible, but it is tight - if possible, it would be a big help if you sent your report as soon as possible. Thanks.

Suggesting other agenda items

If you wish to suggest specific agenda items to be covered at any of the exec meeting, the exec-plus dinner or the business meeting, please summarize the proposed topic in an email with subject "ACL EXEC MEETING PROPOSED AGENDA ITEM" and send it to Johanna Moore.
Walter Daelemans < >