ACL ANTHOLOGY Report, 2004
Steven Bird

The ACL Anthology is a digital archive of research papers in
computational linguistics, sponsored by the CL community, and freely
available to all.  It includes the CL journal, proceedings of the ACL,
EACL, NAACL, ANLP, TINLAP, COLING, and ACL-sponsored workshops.  The
anthology now contains 8350 papers (up from 6,400 this time last
year), and supports full-text search.  Most of the papers are also
indexed by Citeseer, helping the citation counts of ACL authors.

PERSISTENT URLs: The ACL website supports persistent URLs for all
papers that are resolved to a copy at the selected mirror site.  These
URLs have the form, and they
may be used for citation purposes.

ACM DIGITAL LIBRARY: The ACL and ACM have signed an agreement whereby
the ACM will be permitted to host the anthology content for free, open
access, and provide enriched bibliographic metadata and full citation
linking.  The Anthology materials are now available at:

FUTURE MATERIALS.  Last year I reported that David Yarowsky has
developed tools to generate new anthology content from conference
CD-ROMs.  Unfortunately, EACL-03 and COLING-04 did not use the tools,
and so they have to be manually converted.  In order for the Anthology
to be maintained efficiently, these tools need to be documented and

* Streamline incorporation of new materials
* Offer of past HLT proceedings for scanning
* Processing of microfiche journal issues
* Set up mirror sites
* ACL membership of Crossref, for Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)