ACL Internet site

  Dragomir R. Radev
   Sandra Carberry


- In fall 2003, the old host machine,, died
  of old age. With a lot of help from Pablo Duboue, Andy Schlaikjaer,
  Kathy McKeown, and Julia Hirschberg, all from Columbia, most of the
  services associated with ACL's site moved to the University of

- After 10 years of hosting on a server at universities:
  Columbia University (and recently, partially at the University of
  Michigan), we are preparing to move the ACL site to a commercial
  provider. This way, we will be getting DNS, email addresses, secure
  registration, database servers, etc. all on one machine with
  dedicated (paid) customer support.


- This year, Reagan Kelly of U. Michigan redesigned the NLP/CL
  Universe search engine and ported it to more reliable
  software. Rachael Hu, Erin Doumpoulaki, and Chris Peterson, all of
  U. Michigan entered all new entries. The site now includes 3,454
  pointers, up from 2,893 last year (an increase of 19.4%). There are
  354 academic pages, 779 conference links, 79 professional
  organizations, 198 subject-specific resources, 365 personal pages,

- Some of the top queries to the Universe:

  job opportunity 2004
  information extraction
  speech to speech translator
  query expansion
  document clustering

- The acl-news mailing list is used to announce changes to the NLP/CL
  Universe. After a recent cleanup of defunct addresses, the list now
  includes 385 members.

- The unofficial Natural Language Processing FAQ (list of Frequently
  Asked Questions and Answers) is still available through the ACL
  page. It is now out of date so volunteers are sought to contribute
  to the list.