ACL Secretary Report: Sandra Carberry
   The ACL election web page is being set up.  Greg Silber is
handling the election software, and the election will be overseen by
Greg, Dmitriy Genzel, and me.

   Drago Radev is continuing to serve as "technical webmaster" with
responsibility for a variety of items, including the ACL Universe and
maintaining the email aliases.

   The annual newsletter was sent out to the membership.  Besides
announciong the new  officers,  it included short articles on the following:
1) the ACL Lifetime Acievement Award presented to Makoto Nagao
   at ACL-03.
2) the next ACL conference in Barcelona, Spain.
3) an article on the ACL Anthology
4) the ACL course survey conducted by Mary Taffet and Robert Dale

   The ACL officers and Executive Board members have been given a
template for recording their duties along with a timetable and
suggestions for the person following them in office.  The officers
have been asked to submit this information by the end of August
so that it can be stored on the ACL web site for access by future

   We have purchased a license for the START electronic reviewing
software.  It appears to be running smoothly, and based on feedback
from the conference chairs, we will decide whether to continue
using it.