Summary of SIGS, July 2004 ACL EXEC Meeting

Martha Palmer

Points for discussion - first three bullets - SIGMEDIA, SIGHAN,

SIGMEDIA - Joint SIGDIAL/SIGMEDIA tutorial and research workshop -
2004.  2 other successful workshops and involvement of members in EEC
project (HUMAINE).  Possible Issue: all of the workshops in the last
year have been in Germany, and the pc for the last one consists of 3
Germans and 1 Dane.  Needs to be more international.

SIGHAN - Successful segmentation bakeoff and workshop last year, and
election.  Excellent representative distribution of Chinese speaking
countries in 3rd Sighan workshop (ACL-2004). Possible issue: Low
Taiwanese membership.

SIGDAT - fine, EMNLP very successful, conflicts with CONLL -
discussion at ACL

SIGDIAL - is there a package SIGs can use for paper reviewing?  very
active, workshops, new officers, 2005 (Eurospeech).

SIGGEN - fine, new officers, successful June meeting.

SIGLEX - ok, SENSEVAL3 in Spain, upcoming election.

SIGMOL - No issues. Successful 2003 workshop, planning elections,
planning next workshop for 2005

SIGNLL - 2003 election, Successful 2003 and 2004 HLT-NAACL CONLL's,
shared tasks (NE, Propbank).  Possible issue: Coordination with

SIGPARSE - fine, book (collection of papers) appearing, 2005 meeting
being planned.

SIGPHON - Fine, half new exec members in 2003.  Planned ACL-2004
workshop, invited papers on morphology as well.  Outreach to
linguists.  NOTE: Might expand charter to include morphology -

SIGSEM - fine, special journal issue, essli tutorials, Tilburg