SIGPARSE Annual Report, June 2004
Harry Bunt, June 2004

The main aim of SIGPARSE is to ensure the continuity of the biennial
`International Workshop on Parsing Technologies' (IWPT) series. In
2003 the 8th International Workshop on Parsing Technologies (IWPT'03)
was held in April in Nancy, France. Preparations have started for
IWPT'05, which is planned to be held in the US in early Fall 2005.

On the basis of IWPT 2000, which took place in Trento, Italy, in
February 2000, and IWPT 2001, which was held in Beijing in October
2001, a book has been put together containing revised and edited
versions of the best papers from these workshops, edited by Harry
Bunt, John Carroll and Giorgio Satta.  This book, published by Kluwer
Academic Publishers in their Text, Speech and Language Technology
series, will appear in early Fall 2004.

To facilitate its operation and the communication in the parsing
community, a SIGPARSE website is maintained at the University of
Twente by Hendri Hondorp, and a mailing list is operated at CMU by
Kenji Sagae.