SIGLEX 2003-2004
Adam Kilgarriff

The main SIGLEX activity for July 2003- July 2004 has been through its
sub-group, SENSEVAL, which under the committed and effective leadership
of Phil Edmonds and Rada Mihalcea, has organized a third evaluation
exercise.  Like the last two only more so, this was a large exercise
with very high levels of participation, energy and enthusiasm.  The
exercise is now complete bar the workshop and announcement of results,
which will take place in Barcelona.
See for more details.  SENSEVAL made modest use
of ACL banking facilities, for storing sponsorship money raised for the

SIGLEX has also supported and leant its name to the following events:

* 2nd International Workshop on Dictionary Writing Systems, Brighton,
UK, Dec 1-2 2003
* 2nd International Wordnet Conference, Mazaryk University, Brno (Czech
Republic), Global WordNet Association, January 20-23, 2004
* Workshop: Beyond Named Entity Recognition: Semantic labelling for NLP
tasks, Lisbon, Portugal, May 25, 2004, LREC 2004
* Workshop: OntoLex 2004: Ontologies and Lexical Resources in
Distributed Environments, Lisbon, Portugal, May 29, 2004, LREC 2004
* Workshop: Building Lexical Resources from Semantically Annotated
Corpora, Lisbon, Portugal, May 30, 2004, LREC 2004
* 11th EURALEX International Congress, Lorient, France, July 6-10, 2004,
* Tutorial on Dictionary Writing Systems, EURALEX, Lorient, France, July
6, 2004.
* 2nd Workshop on RDF/RDFS and OWL in Language Technology: 4th Workshop
on NLP and XML (NLPXML-2004), Barcelona, Spain, 25 July 2004, ACL 2004
* Workshop on Multiword Expressions: Integrating Processing, Barcelona,
Spain, 26 July 2004, ACL 2004

The other activity, also to culminate at the SENSEVAL workshop, is to
replace ourselves: the election process for new officers and committee
is currently under way and will be concluded, and new officers and
committee announced, at the Barcelona SENSEVAL workshop.